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Simplifying Loyalty for Better Travel Experience and Increased Revenue for Hotels

Go4Loyal has developt a shared platform for hotel loyalty programs to help travelers and hotels streamline rewards and improve the guest experience with its unique and innovative solution.

Loyalty counts

Are you tired of struggling to make your loyalty program stand out amidst the chaos? Do you lack the insights and tools to drive success and retain loyal customers?

Let Go4Loyal be your solution! Streamline your loyalty programs and see the results in higher profits and a seamless travel experience for your guests. With one single platform, you can enjoy better data insights, increased brand exposure, and improved customer satisfaction. Get ahead of the competition and give your guests the loyalty experience they deserve. Join the Go4Loyal revolution now!




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F6S is home to over a million tech founders, 800k startups and more than 10,000 startup programs globally. F6S delivers founders growth through startup programs, opportunities to drive traction, grants and services.

Let´s bring the guests back

Guests have grown accustomed to the convenient booking patterns offered by OTAs. Unfortunately, hotel booking engines and web interfaces have fallen behind, often presenting confusing and complicated booking solutions that are not user-friendly. As a result, guests unknowingly miss out on valuable loyalty points and benefits when booking through an OTA.

That's where we come in! Our mission is to revolutionize the booking process and ensure guests receive the full value of their loyalty memberships.


of consumers favor a brand’s messaging that provides a consistent customer experience


of consumers favor a brand’s messaging that treats them like an individual


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consumers think the mobile app and website of their favorite brand are important or critical important

Make it simple

Extensive research and development have been put into Go4Loyal, with an easy to use app that collects loyalty points as well as provides a flexible and powerful booking solution.

We take the booking process from the OTAs, simplify it and include guest info such as loyalty points and benefits. This way, the user will be able to see which prices are available and what the benefits of loyalty is.

We've made the implementation to the platform a straightforward process which means you could be up and running in a matter of days.

The Guest Journey

Guests typically want a seamless and convenient travel experience, with a range of options to choose from and access to benefits such as loyalty points and discounts.

They also want the option to compare prices and loyalty benefits across hotels and loyalty programs. This is why it's important for hotels to have an up-to-date and accessible platform that meets these needs.

Finally, guests want their loyalty experience to be as convenient and frictionless as possible. This means having the ability to easily manage their rewards, view their points balance, and redeem rewards without any hassle.

Go4Loyal provides

We've developed the ultimate app for hotels and loyal guests.
  1. Increased revenue by attracting and retaining more customers
  2. Improved customer experience by streamlining loyalty programs
  3. Better data insights and analysis for better decision making
  4. Increased brand exposure by being part of a larger network
  5. Lower costs associated with managing multiple loyalty programs
  6. Increased efficiency and automation of reward systems
  7. Better ability to target and tailor loyalty incentives
  8. Increased guest engagement and satisfaction
  9. More opportunities for cross-promotion and collaboration with other hotels on the platform
  10. Better ability to compete with larger chains.

The experience!

By streamlining multiple loyalty programs into one platform, Go4Loyal makes the loyalty experience more convenient and user-friendly for guests. This leads to increased engagement and satisfaction, as guests can easily track and redeem their rewards.

The improved data insights and analysis also allow hotels to better understand their guests and tailor their loyalty incentives to their preferences, leading to a stronger emotional connection and increased loyalty.

Additionally, the platform's larger network and cross-promotion opportunities can increase brand exposure and drive more business to the hotel. By providing a seamless and personalized experience, Go4Loyal helps hotels win back and retain loyal guests.

For hotels and guests alike

As a hotelier, I understand the importance of retaining and reactivating loyal guests. These guests are the foundation of our business and it's much more cost-effective to keep them coming back than to continuously acquire new ones.

Unfortunately, almost 50% of loyalty program members are passive, which means we're missing out on a huge opportunity to keep them engaged with our hotels.

I believe that Go4Loyal can change all of that. By bringing all loyalty programs under one roof, we make it easier for guests to choose the right program for them and keep track of their rewards. With one streamlined platform, guests can quickly and easily compare prices and benefits, making the reservation process smoother and more convenient.

At the same time, Go4Loyal gives us hoteliers a chance to stand out from the competition. With access to user data, we can create personalized offers that keep guests engaged and keep our brand at the forefront of their minds. We can also work together to cross-promote and collaborate, giving our hotels the ability to compete with even the largest chains and the ota's.

As a member of the hospitality industry, I believe in the power of loyalty and the importance of making travel simple and seamless for guests. With Go4Loyal, I'm confident that we can do just that.

Join us on this exciting journey and let's take our hotels and travel experience to the next level!


Camilla Sandström

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