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The ultimate app for hotels to reactivate existing loyalty guests and attract new ones.

Finally there´s an app that brings together different loyalty programs, letting users benefit from the loyalty programs of their favorite hotels and manage all their hotel bookings with ease.

For the hotels

Go4Loyal provides hotels with an exceptional opportunity to reactivate passive loyalty members, find new loyal guests and gives the hotels a new exclusive sales channel to reach loyal guests.

Meet us in Berlin!

Come see us and try out the app that will get the loyalty members back to your hotel.

Meet us in Berlin!

Come see us and try out the app that will get the loyalty members back to your hotel.

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Let´s bring the guests back

Today most bookings are made by OTAs and guests have become accustomed to the booking patterns of these systems. The hotel's own booking engines and web interfaces have not followed suit and are more than often stuck in complicated booking solutions that guests don't use.

What many guests don't realise when booking with an OTA is that the loyalty points and their benefits as members are not taken in consideration and as such they are loosing great value. We're here to change that!


of booking were made through smartphones


of all bookings go through OTAs


of hotel's web visitors did not make a booking


of bookings 2018 were made without human interaction

Make it simple

Extensive research and development have been put into Go4Loyal, with an easy to use app that collects loyalty points as well as provides a flexible and powerful booking solution.

We take the booking process from the OTAs, simplify it and include guest info such as loyalty points and benefits. This way, the user will be able to see which prices are available and what the benefits of loyalty is.

We've made the implementation to the platform a straightforward process which means you could be up and running in a matter of days.

Reactivate your passive members

As many as 50% of members in your loyalty program may be passive, not reading news and updates from you. If there was a way to reach out to them and activate them, you could se an increase of more than 25% in the bottom line.

Many guests are passive simply because the booking on the hotel's website is overly complicated or confusing. This is where the OTAs have been able to grow - by simply providing guests with a more intuitive way to book. We're here to change that.

Go4Loyal provides

We've developed the ultimate app for hotels and loyal guests.
  • API/interaction with hotel PMS for the hotel's own loyalty programs
  • Ability to white label the app as your own
  • Easy, straightforward booking developed with the guests in mind
  • Ability to communicate with guests through app

White label and get your own app!

By white-labeling our app you can access the extensive research and development that we have put into this project at a low cost. It allows your hotels to select the functionality and design that best fits your needs without having to invest in developing or troubleshooting the tech in-house.

This will give you full access to our systems and provide you with the means to communicate directly to your guests. Many options are available as far as customization goes and our team of developers are eager to work with your needs and visions to create the app you've dreamt about.

For hotels and guests alike

As a hotelier retaining and furthermore reactivating a passive loyalty guest is more economical than getting a new one, but how simple is it in practice?

Since almost 50 % of the loyalty members in a loyalty program are passive, what if Go4Loyal could help you reactivate half of those - what a gold mine that would be for your hotels!

Almost all of your members today have another membership from the hotel next door, so in order for your guest to choose your hotel for their loyalty stay, the reservation needs to go quick and smooth and prices needs to be displayed and easy to compare against other programs and hotels nearby. Today, there is a great risk that the loyalty guest will get tired as he jumps from one loyalty app to the other and instead goes to an OTA.

By creating personalized offers for loyalty guests based on Go4loyal's user data, we keep the guests engaged as well as keeping your brand top of mind. Go4Loyal is your extended arm for guest simplicity and agility and best of all, your loyalty guests remain your own.

Join us on this exciting journey!


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